Make Sure You’re Ready for School with Our eBay Back to College Checklist


I’m really excited to be working on this sponsored post with eBay.

Fun fact, I paid for my college selling Dell computers on eBay. I would buy the computers when Dell was running a 75% off flash sale, then once they arrived, I would bump up the ram, and resell them on eBay. I remember at one point having 40 huge boxes in my apartment (thank you to my roommates for tolerating).

So I thought, what better person to talk about the benefits of eBay for shopping Back to College than myself?

Here’s why I love eBay…

I buy something from eBay at least once a month, because the selection is huge (there are more than 1.1 billion listings at any time!).

Last month I bought vintage Louis Vuitton cufflinks on eBay. The month before I sold my Canon EOS 60D on eBay. Then this month I bought a new Canon 7D on eBay which produces photos like this one.

I’m planning to list my Canon EOS 7D, and 80D as Buy It Now, my favorite way to buy, but I think you guys will appreciate that there’s no bidding required!

To help you guys get prepared for college, and learning how to save money, and find products that exemplify your lifestyle, I’ve put together a Back to College checklist.

These are the items you may have overlooked, but to me are essential college musts.

Herschel Supply Co Backpack

I love these backpacks. This particular design is really cool because it’s super easy to snap up if you’re late for class or just hate when you forget to zip ip your bag. It’s also got some cool retro styling that will be sure to turn heads.

Mini Fridges

Get yourself a mini-fridge. If you’re lucky, your dorm has a fridge, if you’re not, you definitely need this. The surest way to avoid getting into fights with your roommates because they eat all your food is to keep your own fridge.

Save your back, and order drinks in bulk from eBay, to make sure you’ve always got a drink nearby.

Bose Headphones

Your roommates are going to be loud sometimes, and you’re going to need a way to drown them out. Wear these headphones day or night, because they’re so comfortable and sound so good.

Nespresso Espresso Machine

I love my Nespresso. It makes amazing coffee, and it’s super easy to do. Get yourself the vanilla pods, to me they have the best taste, and are the right amount of caffeine. What’s great about this machine is you can press the button again to get yourself a cup of coffee if you’re not a nespresso person.

Magic Bullet Juicer

I swear by my Magic Bullet. I use it to make a smoothie every day. And being someone who previously used to buy smoothies for $8 a pop, I’m never going back. Not only is it cheaper to make your own smoothies, but you can control the ingredients to make sure you get exactly what you need and to skip what you don’t.

Get a smoothie, and make it a part of your daily meal plan.

S’well Water Bottle

Throw your coffee in here, throw your water in here or put whatever you need to stay hot or cold. Plus it looks great and will turn heads.

I take my Swell bottle with me to work, to the gym, and everywhere in between. They’re great for on the plane too!

Stainless Steel Trash Can

Again, steel is the best. This can will take a beating, and keep storing your trash. Buy this yourself or see if you can split this with your roommate. Either way, at the end of the year, it’ll still look great and be ready for your next move.

Dyson Vacuum

This is my secret to buying high-end brands. When I was in college, I was able to afford a Dyson vacuum. How? Because I bought a refurbished version. It didn’t have the logo on it, but it was the exact same device.

Zero Gravity Recliner

First of all, Go Gators!

While these chairs are no doubt ugly, they are super comfortable. And if you have any plans of tailgating at your school (drinking soft drinks if you’re under age, of course), these chairs are the most comfortable chairs ever.

Plus if you’re living with roommates, there’s a good chance someone will have a bean bag, so any chance of having a well-designed place will be out the door. Might as well be comfortable.

Towel Set

Mark Cuban said the first thing he bought when he finally got some money were some great towels. Even if his car had a hole in the bottom, at least he could have something soft to dry his body with. Do yourself the same favor and invest in some high quality towels. You’ll enjoy them every day.

Old Spice Body Wash

What I love about buying on eBay is you can save money by buying in bulk. This is my favorite body wash, and when you are buying 6 at a time, the price comes way down. Plus it gets shipped right to your door so you don’t have to lug it from the store.

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