29 Unexpected Celebrities Who Are Diehard Trump Supporters


hot trump supporters

Since announcing Donald Trump’s bid as president in June 2015, he has steadily accrued a lot of endorsements from celebrities. Here are some of the celebrities that endorsed Donald Trump.

Their endorsements have really paid off since the majority of Hollywood has shunned the new President.

We’re now seeing some of his supporters, like Omarosa now taking positions in his White House. So that shows you, if you thought his presidency was an impossibility, well, anything truly is possible.

As you go through this list let us know who surprised you the most that they’re in here?

1. Jon Voight

The actor, Jon Voight said that he is supporting Donald Trump because “he’s an answer to our problems.” he also mentioned Trump to be “funny, playful, and colorful, but most of all, he is honest.”


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