How to Have the Best Day of Your Life: Williamsburg Wise Punch Edition


We recently moved into North Williamsburg and are loving it. Having lived in Financial District for the past 3 years, our New York neighborhood experience has been pretty much non-existent. The few restaurants and bars catered to the Wall Street douche crowd, and there were no good cheap eats or dive bars to be had.

Williamsburg, on the other hand, is stocked with awesome cheap eats, great dive bars, bespoke cocktail bars, and tons of bakeries.

To celebrate our new home, and our new neighborhood, we’re throwing a Wise Punch party to celebrate with our friends. To those of you new to the site, Wise Punch is a party thrown by Andrew Wise, Life Tailored’s founder, and @ThreadTherapy. We started doing these about two years ago as a way to spend time with new friends and old friends.

We’ve got an interactive map at the end of the article so you can recreate your own day. Hope you enjoy!

What Is A Wise Punch Party?


There’s a couple things that make Wise Punch parties a bit more unusual than typical fares. For one, it starts at 1:30pm in the afternoon. Thread Therapy and I go to bed around 930pm on typical nights, and weekends are no exception. So by starting the party early, we can still get to bed at a reasonable time, and it means night owls have plenty of time to continue to rage. Also, for each party we like to get delivery/Postmates of our favorite foods in the city to share with our guests.

At past parties we’ve had sandwiches from Parisi Bakery, DKAs from Dominique Ansel, and dumplings from Prosperity Dumplings amongst other goodies and we serve a liquor punch that I create myself. It’s typically a gin based punch mixed with a bunch of liquers and liquors. The punch is designed to run out after about 3 hours, and after that we head out on a bar crawl. Things typically end up at a kareoke or a strip club or a kareoke strip club. Pretty fun affair.

How to Throw Your Own Wise Punch Party


Here is what we’re planning for our upcoming Wise Punch party and how you can throw one yourself.

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