American Honey Sting Bourbon. It’s Amazing.



Bourbon, honey and ghost peppers… does it get any better?  If you’re a fan of sweet-n-spicy, you definitely need to try this limited edition release from Wild Turkey.  The honey keeps everything sweet, while the ghost pepper gives you a subtle, yet noticeable heat to finish everything off.  But how should you enjoy this unbeatable combination?  Here’s all you need to know about American Honey Sting.

You Just Got Stung!


American Honey Sting recommends you chill the bottle in the freezer 2-3 hours before enjoying, then pour a round of shots for you and your friends to get the party started.

Of course, if you’d rather make this a little game, you can slam a shot glass, along with a travel size bottle of Sting down next to the party-pooper of the group and yell “You Just Got Stung!”, prompting them to immediately take the shot and loosen up a little.

On the Rocks


Of course, I was braving the “blizzard” of the Northeast while trying my first sips of American Honey Sting and had no one to throw back shots with.  I opted for 2 oz of American Honey Sting on the rocks with a splash of club soda.  It was heavenly.

Being a big bourbon fan, and an even bigger fan of spicy foods and drinks, I immediately fell in whiskey love.  I have since been imagining this as the missing ingredient to what could be the world’s best bourbon margarita.

Limited Time

As are all things too could to be true, American Honey Sting is only around for a limited time.  This means get out there and try it now, before it’s too late!

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