Beginners Guide to Flying to Paris Using Frequent Flyer Miles

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I was planning a last minute trip to Europe the week of July 4th and wanted to show you how to book AirFrance flights with points and miles, because it was something I had never done before.

Normally my flight into Europe is on Singapore Suites for 130,000 miles, so to me, this was an opportunity to explore more options for my future trips and also help anybody out there asking the question, how can I book flights to Paris using points and miles?

Here’s how to book an award flight on AirFrance.

First, head to the FlyingBlue booking page.

Enter in your origin and destination.

Now the question everyone’s asking…

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How Many Miles for a Business Class Flight To Paris? 

I did searches for award flights on July 3rd and 4th, and the cheapest business class flight was 62,500 miles.

You can transfer AirFrance miles via Amex Membership Rewards (and it should be instant), and I need it to be instant to be able to book these flights 🙂

There is also an 187,500 mile award flight, which is 3-times as much as the regular flight.

So I wanted to figure out why it was so much more.

First, it’s on an A380, which is one of the nicest planes in the sky (it’s what Singapore Suites is on), and is known to be more smooth, have better cabin moisture, etc. I can attest it is a great plane to fly.

But, are the seats any different on the A380 vs. the 777-200?

For that answer, I went to SeatGuru

This is the business class seat map on the 777-200.

You can see there are angled-lie flat seats, which are what you see on a typical domestic ‘first class’ flight.

This is the seat map for the A380 business class.

Notice it’s on the second floor, and there is a lot more room for just the business class only passengers. Also, there is First Class on the A380 and only business on the 777-200.

But alas, it’s the same angle-lie flat.

So the 62,000 miles for business class on the 777 is the best bet and we’re not missing out on anything by not flying on the A380 for the extra 120,000 miles.

What Does AirFrance Angle Lie Flat Business Class Seats Look Like?

The lie-flat seats aren’t that bad.

They do fold completely flat, the only thing is there is a bar in the middle of your back when you sleep.

I slept on these in Emirates business class and was able to get a good 7 hours of sleep.

Just make sure to bring on your melatonin pills.

I slept on these in Emirates business class and was able to get a good 7 hours of sleep.

Just make sure to bring on your melatonin pills.

AirFrance has a cool 360 view of the seat.


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