The 5 Best Tattoo Shops in New York City



With guys like Nick Wooster, Justin O’ Shea, and David Beckham becoming modern-day style icons, we can’t help but see the integration of tattoos and fashion.  Asos models are covered from head-to-toe, fashion shows are full of men (and women) who sport plenty of visible ink.  Designers, models, badasses, and athletes have all continued to don tattoos with their tailored gear in recent years; and we love it.

Of course, getting a tattoo that peeks out beneath that three piece suit is one thing, but if you’re going to go full Wooster style and get covered, you want the right man for the job.  This means no cheap tattoos, and definitely no crappy artists.  So, when looking for the best of the best, we always tend to look to NYC first.  If you’re in New York and are looking to get some work done, here are the places (in no particular order) you should be stopping by.

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