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Malin Maria Åkerman is surely this sexy, quirky and fierce actress has surprised the world with her never-ending surprises in Hollywood. This Swedish–Canadian performer can act, sing and model. She appeared on several television commercials on a very young age and got her first modeling contract at the age of 16.  She debuted as an actress on the Canadian television series Earth: Final Conflict in 1997 and the start of her booming success.

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Malin Maria Åkerman was born on May 12, 1978 in Stockholm, Sweden. Her mother is Pia (née Sundström) who was to aerobics teacher and part-time model. Her father is Magnus Åkerman who was an insurance broker. Her father was offered a job so they had to move to Canada when she was two. However, her parents divorced when she was four years old and her father returned to Sweden. Both her parents remarried giving her one half-brother and two half-sisters.

When her mother remarried, they moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario but during her teens, they divorced again. Åkerman attended many different schools, including Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in St. Catharines, Ontario. She once attended a Catholic school, although being raised a Buddhist. Although her childhood is not that great, she said that her parents are supportive and giver her positive influences in her life.

She never planned to be an actress but her stepping stones were her mother’s young guidance. She introduced Åkerman to modeling when she was in primary schools and landed on several advertising campaign deals but she decided to stop when she was twelve. She resumed modeling work after being discovered by Ford Models in a shopping mall in St. Catharines. After signing to the agency, she won a contract with skincare company Noxzema. She moved to Toronto later on and attended North Toronto Collegiate Institute and decided to become a child psychologist, a decision that was inspired by the “helplessness” she sometimes felt during her childhood. To afford her education, she continued on with modeling and even taking some television commercial and even got some acting gigs. She found it fun and then decided to drop out of school to become an actress. She moved to Los Angeles, California in 2001 to pursue her acting career full time.

She debuted as an actress as robot in the Canadian science fiction series Earth: Final Conflict in 1997. She continued to be shown in small roles in different movies such as “Relic Hunter” and “The Skulls”. The following year, she made appearances on the Canada-based series Doc and Twice in a Lifetime. In hopes to broaden her career, she moves to Los Angeles. She worked as a waitress while staying at her friend’s house. She got her chance when she met Francesco Sondelli who edited the film “Utopian Society” where she got a small role. He was a guitarist for the band Ozono. She helped out with the lyrics and became a singer.

Åkerman’s career boomed on 2003 where she got multiple supporting roles such as in the HBO TV Series “The Comeback,” “Love Monkey,” and in two episodes of “Entourage.”

She also got the role in the 2007 comedy film The Brothers Solomon. The film was a box office bomb and received largely critical reviews. She also did a wonderful performance in the movie “The Heartbreak Kid.”
She was also paired up as the sister of Katherine Heigl in the movie “27 Dresses” in 2007 and in the 2009 romantic comedy, “The Proposal”.
Her career is continuously booming and you can check more of her roles in IMBD.

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