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Gianna Michaels born Terah Wicker on June 6, 1983 is an American pornographic actress. Michaels was born in Seattle, Washington. She started in the adult industry as a nude model and then in pornography. She has also filmed under the aliases “Becky” and “Gianna Rossi”. Gianna Michaels is an American adult actress. She has an estimated net worth of $2.7 million. Gianna Michaels has earned her wealth by doing modeling, nude photo shoots and pornographic movies. In the early days, Gianna used to work at a hamburger restaurant which was located in Seattle called Dick’s Drive-In. She was approached for a career in modeling and that’s how she got into her modeling career. She decided that she would not continue modeling if she did not like it. Her modeling career took her to nude photography and pornography. Michaels has performed in several porn videos under the name of Gianna Rosi and Becky. She made cameos in films “Piranha 3-D” and “Look: The Series”. She has won several awards for her performances from the Adult Video Network Awards, which is a body that gives awards to people working in the adult video industry

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