If You Live in Boston or NYC Alfred, The On-Demand Butler, is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself


Wouldn’t it be amazing if all your needs could be meet with a help of another person? Imagine coming home to your laundry done and neatly folded, mail sorted and packages waiting, and your fridge stocked with your favorite drink & snacks. It’s a home just like you want it. Well, luckily this is not a dream. We need to introduce you to Alfred, the smart way to take care of weekly errands without actually doing them yourself. It’s an on-demand butler service, which pairs busy individuals with organized, knowledgeable, intuitive people who handle all of life’s necessities: from groceries and dry cleaning, to tailoring and sending packages. And it gets even better. The longer you have Alfred, it will automatically anticipate your needs, leaving you free to live your life. It’s really the best gift that you can give yourself. A gift of managing your free time just the way you want it.

Learn more about Alfred, the on-demand butler service.

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