Ledbury Wedding & Black Tie Lookbook

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Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook -Burrington-tuxedo-shirt (1) Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook -Burrington-tuxedo-shirt (2) Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook -Burrington-tuxedo-shirt (3)Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook-Piquet-tuxedo-shirt (2)Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook-Piquet-tuxedo-shirt (3)Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook-Piquet-tuxedo-shirt (1)Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook-Banker-formal-shirt (2)Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook-Banker-formal-shirt (3)Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook-Banker-formal-shirt (1)Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook-Herlot-tuxedo-shirt (3)Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook-Herlot-tuxedo-shirt (1)Ledbury-Wedding-and-Black-Tie-Lookbook-Herlot-tuxedo-shirt (2)

According to Ledbury January is all dressed up. Their limited edition of shirts is perfect for a James Bond moment with the “End of Days” cocktail instead of a shaken not stirred Martini. It’s super classical with a touch of bourbon and scotch. It will conquer all business meetings not just with mezcal and maraschino but mostly because of that blue and white stripe shirt. Top it all with The Richmond cocktail and we have a winner. Or should we say a groom?

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