Affordable Hand Crafted Brogues: The J. Crew Ludlow Shoe

Ludlow wing tips $318

J-Crew-Ludlow-shoe 2
Ludlow plain-toe bluchers $298

J.Crew is introducing the new foundation of your wardrobe – The Ludlow Shoe. Think Italian leather, some old school style and much needed comfort – The Ludlow Shoe is designed with the best intentions.

Calfskin leather is vegetable processed which is not only Eco friendly, it also creates a unique finish that will ensure your shoes to age beautifully. Another very important detail is the Goodyear welt that makes your soles replaceable and your shoes forever lasting, making them your life long companion.



Each pair has it`s own personal touch provided by hand stitching. Leather sole is held together by brass tacks and heels are wrapped in dovetailed rubber for shock absorption and traction. Your step is made comfortable due to the natural cork-filled insole which will mold to your foot, making your shoe fit like a glove.

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View The Ludlow Shoe collection.

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